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Unfortunately some site owners take/copy our content and put it up on their page, this is known as plagiarism and search engines take a dim view of it as well (it will impact your site) and you could get banned and/or de-listed!

The content here on our site is copyright protected, we have all worked extremely hard to create it for you and we will not tolerate copying of our pages but you can always link to us i.e. this site directly or to the content page that is relative to your topic on your pages.

Plagiarism is very high in the 20th century and tools to combat this problem are available to ensure our content stays unique, this is why we use the automated services of copyscape (DOT) com to automatically tell us when a page has been duplicated on the internet!

There are many other tools available to ensure our copyrighted content is not copied and we use most of them, so really this is a warning to all those that think it is OK to copy!

When a page is found to be duplicated we will first contact you if available, then we will attempt to contact your ISP and domain name supplier, these take a dim view of copied content and in most cases will either delete your page for you and/or your domain will be forfeited, additionally; if the abuse persists and you continue to plagiarise we will pursue recourse legally to the maximum extent of the law.

So please to save us all a lot of time and inconvenience do not copy our sites content!

Thanks, Paul

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